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What's Up Men's Paris Fashion Week - Part 1

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Berluti kris van assche in conversation with the artist brian rochefort.the artistic director explains the backgroundof the creation of the collection& how this collaboration with brian beganfrom sculptures to transpositions on clothing voice of kris van assche:the way i translated, brian's work into the collection can be seen in three different manners. there is a very photographical manner where we took close up pictures of the works and we printed those on silk shirts.there is a more artisanal manner where we've been knitting sweatshirts by hand, and basically using brian's work as an inspiration.the third interpretation is, i guess, the most traditionally berluti one where we see how far we can go colorwise and structure wise with patina.y/projecta collection narrated by a framecut into three panels, models in each window.different ways to wear the clothesand to reveal the new “evergreen” linea 100% sustainable eco-friendly linedesigned by glenn martens, the creative director.16 looks revealedinspired by y/project’s most iconic modelsover the past four yearsincluding cut-out trousers and pop-up jackets. glenn martens also announced the launchof a new e-commerce platform. walter van beirendonck the belgian designer reveals his new collection in an 11-minute videotitled “mirror”,plastic articulated dolls, the face covered,dressed in new pieceswith strong prints and committed messages.to note: the drawing illustrating the naked designer appearing as a pattern on the clothing. louis vuitton revealed in a short film,a new adventure imagined by virgil ablohof “zoooom & friends”,a group of animated and colourful charactersleaving from the family house in asnièresand landing in paris, ready to enjoy the city of light. the designer’s favourite theme returns: the worldview through a child’s eyesfor this new collection called “message in a bottle”.a major new feature: upcyclingmakes an entrance and is presentedin several initiativesliked creating new models from recycled materials.a story sequenced into chapters that begins in parisand goes on a journey around the world.next stop: shanghai music from house's films (to use only in context of this report, under cover of the right to information) + copyright free music - artlist