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Sophie Webster - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 London

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The presentation of sophia webster is always worth a watch. this season the show was set in a dark tunnel where graffiti rules. it was a perfect world to show the shoes of the designer which blended perfectly the new attitudes of the upcoming generation of designers - sophie is only 30 years old herself! there was a fun mix with lots of colours to suit all tastes: jellyfish on wedges, sliders with embroidered bananas, graphic slip-ons, and heels with hearts all over them, without forgetting original accessories which accompanied them. interview: gary card: we’ve been working together for a couple of seasons now, and this is my second season, last time we did a narnia set, which was very sweet and “pasteley” and “unicorny” and this time we just thought we’d throw everything at it and make it as intense and visually arresting as possible i guess. sophia was so excited about making an experience for everybody, it was more about making a visually exciting thing rather than just making something about the product.this is a very famous area for the graffiti artists around london, so its legal for everybody to come here and paint over each other’s work and things like that, so it was completely in tune with what we were trying to accomplish with the presentation. music from the show