Ground Zero Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

It is beneath the glass roof of a Richelieu atelier that the young designers of Ground Zero, brothers Eri and Philip Chu open Paris Fashion Week with bold prints and colours. As its third collection to be presented in Paris, the label moves beyond its adolescence with a more confident, assertive young woman in mind. The Manga illustrations from the previous season are replaced by fields of flowers which appear on transparent tops and trousers. For the finale, the latest heroines created by the Hong Kong duo portray sharp cuts and silhouettes for tight-fitting, neoprene dresses which match bayadere stripes. This fresh collection with its strong personality plays with the contrasts of materials, colours and prints but with a new maturity.

Eri & Philip Chu : When we first developed this idea, we were thinking about what kind of woman we wanted to create; we were thinking about being hopeful for the future and very passionate, like the characteristics of flowers growing and blooming so you can see a lot of flower prints on our clothes and also with our ground zero image, it’s futuristic and robotic.
We used neoprene which gives us a more futuristic feeling and also polyester with shine on it, which also gives it a lot of futuristic feelings.

Music from the show

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