Rochas Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

Under the rain in Paris, the Rochas show, held at the Grand Palais, marks a poetic pause filled with romance. The artistic director, Marco Zanini, continues to reinterpret the Rochas woman according to their desires.Corolla skirts take their place and are coordinated with jackets and bralet tops. Polo shirts become tunics and are worn with shorts. The silhouettes are softened by materials such as silk taffeta, duchess satin or chiffon. Like escaping into a novel by Proust, young girls accessorized with Lemarié flower headbands, seem ready to become Jolies Madames for summer 2013 ...

Music from fashion show

Interview Marco Zanini: I have a very deep passion for fashion, and I have been exploring the silhouettes of Rochas for 4 years right now. And each season I try to reinvent them, or reinterpret them, in a new way that could look interesting. This time you have the "corolla" volume, which was matched with the wrestling boots and the mid drift exposure, so those are very much part of the code of the House of Rochas right now-those shades. And to me each season is important to build a consistency to re-explore and reinvent them.

This season is all about youth, simplicity, and romance, because at the very end the `Rochas woman' is a romantic dreamer, it's a French house, you need drama and you need decadence, so that was the decadent twist, in a very joyful and very lighthearted collection.

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