Dries Van Noten Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

A masculine-feminine spirit dominates the summer collection of Dries Van Noten, but worked in his own way, all in parsimony. The first model comes out, lightweight checkered shirt worn over a straight skirt embroidered with flowers. The ton is given! Lightness, transparency, all-over prints and embroidery in 3-D. And this season, the designer returns to more traditional patterns around flowers and checks found throughout the collection. The comfort is there with the pajama feel, for trousers and bathrobes. A 50s spirit is present with basque jackets mixed with large trousers in checkered organza. Throughout the fashion show, the designer also emphasizes lightness with big dresses like veils placed on clothing. A collection which emanates a certain poetry in total contrast with the venue : a garage underground!

Music from fashion show

Interview Droes Van Noten: There is lightness, there are also masculine sides and feminine sides, there is a couture side, many elements that I love to come back to every time in my work, so 50s jackets with tailcoats, even this time we mixed large masculine trousers that are checkered, organza, and things like that. We don't really have summery colours, so the colors are mostly inspired the paintings of Lucian Freud, so it is very faded. It's colourful without being really visible, so we used prints of flowers, for me it's also the return to 'skin prints' I have done a lot of digital prints in the past, so I wanted to do that again.. finding the beauty again of traditional prints, so also giving the possibility to combine clothes with each other, and not really making large drawings, asymmetric, multi colored and things like that.

There is a lot of silver, so silver fabrics,linen and metals, a lot of embroidery in three dimensions,again made on a tulle or organza to give light and transparent sides, but still at first glance they are quite thick and quite heavy.

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