TK Maxx treats shoppers to a white Christmas

Value retailer TK Maxx said it has launched the first ever Christmas campaign in the UK to deliver real snow for free to customers’ homes.


The Christmas Campaign will see a limited number of bespoke, two-foot-long ‘White Christmas’ snow globes hidden on the shelves of TK Maxx stores nationwide over the coming Christmas weeks.

The lucky shoppers who find the exclusive snow globes will receive a delivery of actual snow to their homes or any other location of their choosing. A team of TK Maxx experts will then transform the place into a winter wonderland, where families can have snowball fights, build a snowman and enjoy Christmas.

“Our aim was to do something much more exciting than just the traditional Christmas TV ad, said Deborah Dolce, Group Brand & Marketing Director, at TK Maxx. “We wanted to create a real, magical experience for our shoppers, one that’s great fun and in which everyone has a chance to participate.”

The snow globes will be hidden in stores and online from 17 November. And the campaign is supported by a TV ad, voiced by English actor Bill Nighy. Set to a re-recorded festive version of pop-rock band Pilot's 1975 hit, Magic, the advert shows a family filled with excitement as a team of TK Maxx snow experts arrive to cover their house and garden in snow, after a grandfather gifts his granddaughter the ‘White Christmas’ snow globe.

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