Romania joins E-commerce Europe

Romania has joined the European confederation of online businesses, after the Romanian ARMO association became affiliated with E-commerce Europe.

It is an important addition to the organisation, which groups together the online business associations of various European countries.

Last year, Romania was one of the countries where e-commerce recorded the highest growth rate, +24.5%, for a revenue of €1.4 billion. The €2 billion mark is expected to be topped in 2016. ARMO was founded in 2010 to group together local industry players.

E-commerce Europe now comprises over 25,000 European companies doing business online.

The organisation's mission is to stimulate the sector's expansion, through statistical surveys and lobbying activity with European institutions.

It also awards the European Trustmark label to certify the reliability of online operators. Over 10,000 companies are currently European Trustmark-certified.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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