Fashion is star category in last two weeks at John Lewis

John Lewis had a slow week in the seven days to December 30 as total sales dipped 0.4% to £137.9 million, although snow in some areas of the UK was partly to blame. 

John Lewis

But the clearance sale started “confidently”, it said and fashion did well with an 8.4% increase. It was a record week for womenswear and it saw a “strong performance” in women's accessories.

Yet Home sales were down 4.5% on last year, despite strong sales in upholstery and the ‘gifts cook and dine’ category.

This followed the week to December 23 when total sales rose a healthy 8.9% to £191.32 million. That happened as Britons left their Christmas shopping very late for 2017 and surged into stores in the few days ahead of Christmas. 

Fashion sales during that week were 8.8% up year-on-year, marking its biggest ever week for sales in this category, with “particularly standout performances” in own brand womenswear (+26%), cold weather clothing (+18%) and cashmere (+18%).

Home sales were up 7% on last year, led by strong performances in gifts cook and dine with Christmas wrapping, alcohol and chocolate gifts proving popular.

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