Amazon reveals first Iris and Lilly campaign

Amazon has unveiled the first campaign for its private-label European lingerie brand Iris and Lilly, using a feel-good tone and natural beauty to celebrate friendship and authenticity. 


The ad campaign was shot by acclaimed American photographer Cass Bird, who photographed her friend, the commodities broker-turned-model and professional Muay Thai fighter, Mia Kang, in an intimate setting. The images were crafted to convey their personal bond and draw similarities between finding a good friend and finding the best lingerie.

Sarah Miles, Director for Iris & Lilly said, "Our aim for this campaign was to capture something true, a unique story that shows a fresh and modern approach to the way that women chose what lingerie to buy and wear, and that will resonate with our Amazon Fashion customers."

Mia Kang wears hero pieces from the Iris and Lilly collection, which comprises more than 500 styles from delicate lace separates, to athleisure inspired sets in key colours such as a soft blush pink, deep royal blue and classic black. 

Speaking about Kang and the shoot, photographer Cass Bird said, "When you can find the intersection between beauty and strength, vulnerability and humour, it is a home run. You feel her humour and her thoughtfulness. Mia was an immediate choice when I saw the brief."

The Iris and Lilly collection is part of a new effort from Amazon to lure online customers into buying fashion items from its platform. With prices from £2.99 for a hipster brief, the company hopes Iris and Lilly will become a big hit with price-conscious consumers.

It is though that the brand, now available online, would be expanded in the UK and other markets after a trial in the UK and Europe.

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