Haute Hippie sues Zara for copying print

Haute Hippie has sued Spanish retailer Zara, accusing it of intentionally copying an original print and using it in a "Shiny Silk Jacquard Kimono" for sale on its fast fashion site for $169.


According to the lawsuit filed in New York federal court this week, Zara “intentionally copied [Haute Hippie’s] Royal Paisley [print] … without license or authority from [Haute Hippie].”

Haute Hippie has asked the court for damages for lost profits. In the meantime, Zara has removed the kimono off its website since the lawsuit was filed on Monday, but is yet to submit its legal answer.

In its complaint, Haute Hippie alleges that it distributed the Royal Paisley print widely in its global supply chain, dismissing the possibility of Zara's kimono print being a coincidence. In addition to naming Zara in the lawsuit, Haute Hippie has also listed Doe defendants whose names will be filled in when they become known.

Haute Hippie's complaint makes it clear that the brand does not know exactly where Zara designers came across the print, but that they are considering a number of possibilities. The complaint says those who had access to the print may have seen it through the showroom or design library.

Other possibilities suggested by the complaint include that of the accused having had "(b) access to copies of Royal Paisley illegally distributed by third-party vendors, including without limitation international and/or overseas converters and printing mills; (c) access to [Haute Hippie’s] strike-offs and samples, and/or (d) access to garments in the marketplace manufactured with lawfully printed fabric bearing Royal Paisley.”

Jenny J. Rim, VP General Counsel and Business Development for Haute Hippie's parent company Halston, said the company had reached out previously to Zara about the garment but did not receive a response, leading them to pursue legal action.


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